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75 mm / inch 2,95 Inflatable Rubber Sealing Bags short, with 1.2m Extension Hose

type number.: 97075/N

EUR 54,00
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weight: product inclusive packing 0.28 kg


Pipe ø



Weight kg

Max. Bar / Psi

97075/N Ks

75 mm

70 up to 80 mm ø



1 / 14,5

Inflatable PVC Sealing Bags are ideal for use in areas where access is smaller than the test diameter, or where the test area is some distance from the access point. Bags are fitted with a Schrader Valve for inflating the Bag. Use a Foot Pump or Bicycle Pump to inflate. Maximum care must be excercised when inflating the Bags. Rapid inflation will lead to the Bag bursting. With care, Bags can be inflated to the maximum size shown in the Table. DO NOT try to over inflate. At the maximum inflation, the sealing area will be severely restricted, reducing the maximum allowable Back Pressure.