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General terms of delivery, payment and sale

Offers are non-binding, subject to change, and subject to being unsold. Correction of errors reserved. Orders require a written confirmation. Illustrations, dimension, weights and other performance specifications are non-binding.
Purchasing terms of the buyer are rejected, as far as they deviate from our general terms of sale, unless they were confirmed from us in writing.
Delivery dates are always only approximate and non binding. They are fixed after careful examination taking into consideration the customer’ wishes. Therefore, the buyer has no claims of compensation of damages resulting from delayed supply or non fulfillment (§326 BGB).
Delivery takes place ex factory or store. The risk passes to the buyer, when the goods are brought to the dispatch to the buyer. Transport damages and complaints must be immediately asserted at the respective delivery institute. Our dispatch department must be simultaneously notified. Additional insurance for the freight can be –at buyers option-arranged by us.
Delivery is generally – fright forward - ex factory or store plus transport and packing costs. In case of free return of the packing, this will be professionally disposed by us.
Our prices are ex factory or store, not packed, in EURO, do not include the valid VAT (value added tax). Separately calculated costs of freight and post are to be paid immediately net. For European Union states, the German VAT is dropped out if the identification number is made available to us.
The payments of our bills are payable by cash on delivery, unless there are different agreements or terms of payment in writing from us.
By late payments, interest of 14% is charged for the time from the day of maturity to the day of receipt.
Return of goods for want of payment: We charge the incurred costs like delivery and pickup, as well as a representational allowance of 20% of the bill plus the accumulating interest at a value of 14%. For special articles, special productions as well as orders starting from euro1250.00 we charge a representational allowance of 30% of the bill. These amounts are immediately due. Otherwise we will apply for a dunning letter.
Discount deduction can only be granted, when it is also stated on our bill. Unauthorized or too much deducted discount payment will be posed again in the bill plus a lump sum of euro 10.00. Temporally covered discount payment will be likewise posed in the bill with a lump sum of euro 10.00.
Commodity received from the customer: If the ordered commodity is not accepted or if it is rejected, we charge an expenses lump sum of 15% of the gross price. If the customer does not have a good reason, the matter will be automatically forwarded to our legal department.
The salesman must be notified of notices of defects at the latest within 8 days after receipt of the commodity in writing. Rejected commodity may be sent back only after consent of the salesman. After verification of the notice of defects, the buyer has the right of returning the commodity and becoming a replacement only if the commodity was in the originally delivered state, inclusive packing material. The warranty period is 1 year from date of invoice.
Claim of damage of any kind, in particular during inappropriate execution or operation, as well as defective devices etc., are impossible. In these cases you must contact the manufacturer.
The mentioned prices are not-binding and subject to change.
Ownership: The commodity remains -up to the complete payment- our property, also when it is installed. In case of reminder excess, we reclaim our property immediately; otherwise, theft will be reported.
Data security: We points out that we store data of the buyer in terms of the Federal Law for Data Protection.
Resale of commodity: Our goods can not be filled up, or marketed -also in smaller packing- under our name or other names or designation without our permission. For all direct or indirect damage, which arises for us due to violation of this regulation, the buyer has to refund.
Place of fulfillment of all obligations of both contracting parties is Bad Abbach.
Court of jurisdiction is solely the district court Regensburg.
All past prices and discount agreements lose their validity, when a new price list appears.
G. Drexl GmbH & Co. KG
Goldtalstraße 4
D- 93077 Bad Abbach / Germany
All details are based on the features of the German market.